The Age Right team focuses on ensuring you are leading a healthy and fulfilled life.


Age Right is a team of dedicated specialist geriatricians and allied health professionals supported by our committed admin team. Our focus is to support our patients with a holistic approach to ageing well for each individual in a relaxed outpatient environment, enabling them to live their best lives through the provision of comprehensive aged care services.

We understand the importance of a team approach and tailoring care to meet the needs and priorities of each person. To achieve this, we work closely with our patients and their family to find desirable and practical solutions. This, together with a passion for preventative medicine and strong clear communication, drives our care model.

Our comprehensive service offering includes physician reviews, falls prevention programs, memory retention programs, preventative medicine, treatment for anxiety and depression, memory loss prevention and medication reviews, as well as driving assessments and legal services advice. Our team is also able to assist in care planning with your family members to tailor individual management plans, and can arrange for consultation for VCAT hearings, capacity assessments, and facilitate referrals to the My Aged Care assessment team.

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The Age Right team are committed to supporting our patients through all phases of life, and any of the challenges they face. We do this through the development of strong communications and a collaborative care model that involves our patients, their families, their GP and other medical specialists.

We understand that each persons needs vary, and to assist in better health outcomes, we provide consulting services at 5 locations as well visits to selected aged care facilities, and flexible virtual options including email and phone support.

We believe in providing our patients with a personalised, tailored service underpinned by care for each individual and their family. Call our team today to discuss your needs.

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Ageing shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life and remain independent. Age Right can assist with providing treatment plans and programs for you to continue to live your best life.

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