Daylight savings and fire safety

Daylight savings and fire safety

Daylight savings time is a reminder for all to change the batteries in their smoke alarms. It is also a timely time to review our fire safety at home. Do you have a fire blanket in the kitchen or an extinguisher available? Are the smoke alarms working? Is the kitchen cluttered and needs organisation to decrease the risk of fire or accidents? It is advised to have 1 metre clearance around stovetops, heaters, and cooking appliances to decrease the risk of a fire.


The exit routes from the home/ apartment also need to be clear of clutter. This is important from a mobility perspective as well as a safety issue. If the house is very cluttered then the home possibly needs to be registered with the fire brigade as a potential fire concern in the community?


I was at Bunnings the other day and this reminder was being advertised and thankfully I picked up the fire safety pack (blanket and extinguisher) as these had been left behind when we moved house. Something I would have thought about at the time of the move but then forgot to action.


It is always good to have a reminder yearly to ensure we are safe. These reminders are vital in our busy lives. What other yearly reminders do you have in place?

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