Dementia Fundraiser

Dementia Memory Walk and Jog Fundraiser 2023

The team at Age Right have entered their third Walk, Run and Jog to support Dementia Australia event. This year we are reaching out to our patients and families to come join us for fresh air and exercise. We would love to celebrate life with everyone.

We chose this event to promote healthy living and exercise in the community while raising money for a great charity. Too often we see the long-term effects of memory loss and dementia in our community. There is a lot that we still need to do to improve life for families and loved ones who have been diagnosed with this illness. So this is a starting point for us.

This year it is at a new venue (Princes Park) and you can choose to join in different distances. There is the 2.5km event for the walkers, 6.5km for the longer walkers or those that wish to jog or run and for the serious people- the 10km run. I have registered for the latter with my twin 10-year-old boys. I know they will finish miles in front of me, but it will be a family event with memories made for them.

Our furry friends can come along to the event as well to be part of the team.


Please consider joining our team at: