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New Year Resolutions- Good or Bad for Us?


How many people make New Year Resolutions? Are these good for us or are they setting us up for failure for the year 2023?


I like to reflect and make New Year Resolutions as it reminds me to take time out to consider what I want this year for ME. In the end, I know these goals might not occur. I still have my running goals I made back in Jan 2012 that are still there and ONE day I know I will achieve them. I don’t think 2023 will be the year to achieve my set time for 5 and 10 kms but the year is still early.


I like to divide my New Year Resolutions into categories.



All too often we get caught up in everyday activities and our physical health and activities can be placed second or third in the list of priorities. At the start of the year – it is a good time to reflect on our health. What are the health goals this year? Often people want to lose weight, but I think we should think about how much we move and exercise. Strengthening exercises and balance are also important. Our balance and strength starts to decline from the age of 40 year old so it is good to maintain and optimise these.


When was the last time you scheduled a general health review with the doctor? When was the last time your medications were reviewed, and your health goals discussed with the doctor? Once you are over the age of 70 years old, there is an annual health review that your GP or practice nurse can do under Medicare.



How is your thinking and cognitive function going after the holiday celebrations? Are you back into the routine of daily and weekly activities? Just like physical exercise we need cognitive exercises. The best evidence for optimising our cognitive ability is to keep it active and to try new activities. The best ones are to take up a new skill, learn a new language or a new musical instrument. This allows for neuroplasticity to occur. Neuroplasticity can occur at any age- it is never too late in life.



It is always important to have a good support network. This could be family, friends, neighbours, or support people. Often, we show our true colours with our network. We are likely to relax and be vulnerable with them. Sometimes this means taking out our frustrations and anxiety on those we love most as the saying goes. At the start of the year, it is a good time to consider these relationships. Do you need to do anything this year to ensure these networks are optimised? It might be scheduling in a regular phone call in the diary, scheduling in dinner plans or just reaching out after a break in communication.


So whether you make New Year Resolutions or not- please take the time to reflect and think about YOU and what you want from 2023.

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