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Payment Methods


  In a world that constantly bombards us with sounds, from the chirping of birds to the chatter of people, our ability to hear is

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Sarcopenia or Muscle Loss | Age Right

Frailty- It does exist

Frailty- This is a new ‘buzz’ word discussed in medical professions in relation mostly to older people. Some people look ‘frail’ due to a recent

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Patient Resources

Carer’s Week

Being a carer is a non-stop job which can impact on the carer in more ways than sometimes we realise. Carer’s week is time for

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Osteoporosis is a disease that makes your bones weak. Those with the disease can break their bones too easily with minimal trauma such as a

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Memory Tools | Age Right

Memory Tools

How has your memory been over the last couple of days? If it’s like mine, I find it fluctuates depending on how much sleep, stress

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